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Double You Gin Vintage Vanilla

Double You Gin Vintage Vanilla

Vintage Vanilla

It’s easy, no pressure, no ground rules required, … VANILLA SEX…

Inspired by the 4th anniversary of Double You Gin and the receipt of the Crystal Award in 2017, a very Special Edition was launched!

In contrast to the most extreme flavours used in the past in the development of gin, we opted for simplicity and recognisability. Double You Vintage Vanilla… To our 21 herbs in the standard Double You Gin, we added natural vanilla to the distillation process. This results in a gin with delicious floral aromas, a pleasant and, above all, recognisable and smooth vanilla flavour, plus a delightfully refreshing aftertaste due to the interaction with fresh mint in your gin and tonic. The simplicity of our Double You Vintage Vanilla goes hand in hand with the familiar term Vanilla Sex... It’s up to you to find out...

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Double You Gin Vintage Vanilla

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