Wilderen Double You Gin

Double You Gin

Wilderen Double You Gin, distilled, bottled, labelled and sealed in Wilderen Brewery & Alcohol Distillery.

This Gin is made from 21 different botanicals and local herbs which are added in secret proportions. Ingredients include juniper berry, hops, rose, blossom, coriander… and lots more besides.

The result is a herbal bouquet with a distinctive taste perception, as complex as an Angel and a Devil on your shoulder… The Angel represents deliberation and is always accompanied by a Devil who incarnates temptation…

The character of this Double You Gin comes from a well thought-out selection of herbs that is simply irresistible! The inner conflict of a strong character…
Black as the devil, pure as an Angel…

Double You Gin 43.7 % Alc. – comes in 70 cl. bottles.

The glass always comes with a stick of liquorice, to be used as a stirrer, four sticks of “old-fashioned confectionary” are supplied with every bottle!
Rip off the packaging for a real flavour explosion and use the sticks of liquorice to mix the Gin & Tonic.

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Golden Medal for Wilderen Kriek!

Brussels Beer Challenge - Gouden Medaille


Golden Medal for Wilderen Kriek!!!

Last weekend international experts assembled to judge competing international beers in an objective, impartial and professional manner.

In the tasting room the beers were divided into uniform categories, based on their origin,typicality and style. Wilderen Kriek went home with the Golden Medal in the fruit beer category!


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